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​Since history has been recorded, humans have been fascinated with taking to the sky. As early as the 1500s, Leonardo Da Vinci had filled pages of notebooks with sketches of proposed flying machines. From Da Vinci to the Wright Brothers to Boeing's 787-Dreamliner, man has worked arduously to create and improve the ever-changing world of building and flying aircraft.  

At Daviation, we strive to uphold the standards and ideals of those who came before us. We make the process innovative and exciting. Regardless of your prior experiences or skill level, we want every customer to feel their individual needs are personally attended to. We want you to be as passionate about the experience as we are!
About Daviation
After seeing what was already available to customers, we fashioned a business model unlike any of our competitors. Providing safety and satisfaction is indeed the largest part of what we do. However, we recognize that it's more than moving a person from one place to another. You deserve an experience that will leave you engaged and fulfilled.

So whether you're looking to begin or continue flight training, take a sunset ride to the beach, hire a pilot, or have your aircraft managed, we will do everything in our power to ensure you will always leave safe and smiling. Regardless of the date or time, we are here for you.
"We see, feel, and experience things that people who don't fly will never know." - Barry Schiff
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